Systragil Zeltplatz gehört den Eheleuten Kristján Ingvar Jóhannesson und Agnes Þórunn Guðbergsdóttir. Kristján Ingvar (1952) ist ein bauer und buchhalter und Agnes Þórunn ist Lehrerin. Sie wohnen auf dem Hof Hróarsstaðir, forsten Wälder durch Pflanzen von Bäumen auf, und als Hobby haben sie einige Schafe. Der Gastehus Rjúpa befindet sich auf dem Land des Besitzgutes Hróarsstaðir.

Agnes Þórunn Guðbergsdóttir

Kristján Ingvar Jóhannesson

Environmental Policy

Lets help each other protect the environment

At Systragil Camping Ground we make an effort to support and increase awareness for the environment with our guests by:

  • Offering our guests services and facilities where responsibility for the nature, the forest and the environment is at the forefront.

  • By choosing resources and products that are either recycled or environmental friendly

  • By minimising the use of materials that create hazardous waste and by recycling or re-using materials whenever possible.

  • By sharing knowledge about the natural features of the area, its history and the link there between.

  • By watching our use of energy, try to minimise it and to make it as economical as possible.

  • By getting rid of hazardous chemicals such as oil, paint and other toxic materials in a responsible way.

  • By regularly picking up trash at the camping site and by the roads in the neighbourhood.

  • By having tidy and labelled trash cans at ready on site where guests can sort their trash in appropriate manner.